Voie Libre : green light for the modal shift !

Lio sur le Lot (crédit Bastian SIMONI)

So to fight against the climate change, and to reduce our fossil fuels consumption, we need to rethink Mobility. Railway transport, more than 200 years old, is definitively one of the solutions. The modal shift from air and road to rail will be one of the biggest challenges of the next decades.

To take over this new traffic, the railway system has a double challenge : raise its capacity, and its desirability for its users.

Next-gen signalling systems, and new technologies, promise a deep digitalization of the railway system, and a significant capacity increase. User Experience, for passengers and freight customers, becomes a must.

Voie Libre is the French signal, meaning that the train is allowed to proceed. Voie Libre is also this blog, discussing about Tech and Experience, so to make the modal shift a success.